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Australasian Championship
Proudly hosted in joint collaboration with 
the Emirates Arabian Horse Society (EAHS)


To be held in conjunction with the

2025 Australasian Arabian International Championships

January 31, February 01 & 02, Willinga Park

We are humbled and honoured to partner with both the Emirates Arabian Horse Society and ECAHO

to host the inaugural event on the annual calendar of the innovative new international tour known as

the Emirates Arabian Horse Global Cup (EAHGC). Designed to both promote small breeders worldwide and to reward owners and breeders in all global regions with prize money totalling €1,000,000 annually,

the EAHGC is comprised of ten prestigious events each calendar year, including three shows in Europe (France, Denmark & Czechia), two events each in the Middle East (Bahrain & Oman) and North Africa (Egypt & Morocco), and one each in North America (the Arabian Breeders World Cup in the USA), South America (Brazil) and Australasia (our own AAIC in Australia).  

According the rules outlined by the EAHS, the vast majority of our owners and breeders in Australia and New Zealand will qualify to compete and win prize money as small-medium sized breeders with their purebred Arabian breeding stock. Paid entry for your qualifying purebred Arabian breeding class in the AAIC will grant automatic entry into the corresponding division in the EAHGC for all horses owned by certified small-medium sized breeders. Prize money will be paid directly by the EAHS to all owners of horses placed first through fifth in all ten (10) EAHGC qualifying classes for purebred Arabian junior fillies and colts (yearlings, two year olds and three year olds), as well as senior mares and stallions (two splits according to age for both genders).  

Please refer to the overview of the EAHGC programme and the link to the 2024 EAHGC-AC Rules & Regulations below for further details. We look forward to celebrating fifty (50!) prize money winners proudly bred and owned by our Australasian community members at the

inaugural Emirates Arabian Horse Global Cup in February 2024!


2024 EAHGC-AC Rules and Regulations  |  Learn More

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