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The principal purpose of the Arabian Breeders Coalition is to promote the breeding of purebred Arabian horses throughout Australasia.

In support of this principal purpose, The Coalition is committed to:

  • Bring together and support progressive breeders from Australia and New Zealand to perpetuate the breeding, promotion, stewardship, evaluation and exhibition of the purebred Arabian horse

  • Create opportunities and incentives to encourage the breeding of the purebred Arabian horse, specifically within Australia & New Zealand

  • Provide educational opportunities, resources and support to assist all breeders of purebred Arabian horses to achieve their unique breeding goals and objectives within the greater context of the rich history of the Arabian breed, the most relevant scientific advances in genetics, training, husbandry, nutrition, welfare, reproduction and veterinary care, as well as within the global equine community

  • Conduct activities, fundraise and organise events that support the breeding, understanding, advancement and objective evaluation of the purebred Arabian horse

  • Promote the Australasian Arabian horse positively within the international industry and global marketplace

  • Create a sense of community, connection, support and shared experience for breeders of purebred Arabian horses

  • Combine resources to create an organisation dedicated to advancing the profile and exposure of the Arabian horse in Australia & New Zealand as the ‘equine breed of choice’

The Coalition is ultimately comprised of likeminded members united around a singular passion and support for the purebred Arabian horse, summarised as ‘Breeders supporting Breeders’.

We welcome your expression of interest in becoming a member, please email us here

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Artwork by Marian Duncan

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